Monday, November 21, 2016

Kunle got an urgent call at the office notifying him that his wife Mishel was in labour and due to deliver. He took permission from work and rushed to the hospital. She had a prolonged labour of twenty hours. The midwives kept examining her intermittently and noticed that contractions had stopped. 

Although she had passed her expected date of delivery, they expected that she would give birth this time since labour had started that day. The doctor on call examined Mishel and observed that there was foetal distress due to the prolonged labour. 

Her husband Kunle was called in and they were informed that an urgent Caesarean section would be needed to save the child. Kunle was indifferent about it while his wife Mishel kept proclaiming that she would give birth like the "Hebrew women". 

While I am a firm believer in the promises of God in the scriptures, there should be a balance in knowing when to seek for help and when to have an adamant faith in God. This is where so many persons have been pushed to a dilemma. Many women have lost their babies and even their lives because they feel a Caesarean section is a taboo. 

Giving birth like the "Hebrew women” even when competent medical doctors have explained the risk of still birth, foetal death, excessive bleeding and many more seems to fall on deaf ears. Some of these women did not survive to explain their tale while some actually gave birth unaided.

In Mishel's case, they had waited for two days of prolonged labour before succumbing to undergo a Caesarean section. The procedure was successful but she lost her baby. She had to mourn for months knowing that her baby may have survived if she took her decision early to go for the operation.  

Photo Credit - Columbus Obstetrician-Gynecologist Inc.
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