Thursday, November 24, 2016

It seems normal for most of us to think about previous occurrences in our lives and also project about our plans for the future. This attitude is helpful as it gives us the opportunity to count our blessings while enhancing our confidence and faith about the moments that we are yet to experience.

The downside of thinking about the past and worrying about the future is depression. Almost all our problems occur because we time travel. We go to the past and regret things we have done, decisions we failed to take, bad choices we made, cash we did not save when we had money, promising investments we neglected and many more. 

For the future, we feel anxious about events that haven’t even happened. Questions keeps rumbling in the mind: 
Can I pay my bills? 
How do I cope with my child's strange behavior? 
Will my health deteriorate? 
Can I pass that exams? 
Will my family survive this recession?
My blood pressure is high. Hope I won't have stroke?
When will I get a job?
An extra year: Can I pass my exams this time?

Instead of looking out for possible solutions and taking proactive steps on how our lives can be better, the individual becomes moody, feels hopeless, gets irritable, loses interest in activities that were previously enjoyable and in worst cases becomes suicidal. 

Depression often occurs when we allow the pains, challenges and difficult experiences of life to overwhelm us.  It is all too easy to slip into the past or jet into the future. 

Depression makes you lose sight of the one thing that you can actually control -- THE PRESENT. 

"Today" is what we have.  Don't allow depressive thoughts to get the better part of you. I won't say that I am immune. I find myself worrying and feeling irritable over things I cannot handle. Mood swings on a daily basis became the norm that hindered me from enjoying my life. I had to find a solution. Life is too short to spend it in depression. 

Taking some time to meditate, pray and seek counsel helped me to refocus. Pursuing my dreams with vigour also refuels my confidence and dissipates every trace of depression. What will work for you may differ. But ensure that the thoughts of "yesterday and tomorrow" does not weigh you down. 

It is time to think productive and progressive thoughts.

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