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Iron sharpens iron, and so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend. To make meaningful progress in life, we need to have friends, mentors or coaches that would expose us to the countless opportunities that lies ahead. Meeting friends, colleagues, experts in their fields and random persons in my daily life has helped to shape my thinking towards different spheres of life. 

We will consider the following questions from our previous series:

1. Why didn't my friend tell me all these?
The bitter truth in life is that there are some persons who cannot cope with our success. As long as they are on top and we are below, they are comfortable. Any trace of aspiration depicting that we could outrun them, especially with their help or meaningful input is met with resistance. 

2. Why was my mind limited by the few things I heard?
Ignorance is a limiting factor that can keep an individual on one spot. Endless opportunities becomes achievable once the mind can conceive it. I didn't know much in this new field  and my limited knowledge could not give me room to explore. If the knowledgeable friends around are unwilling to help, we can buy relevant books, browse online,  and connect with experts or mentors in that field.

3. Why was my friend bent on me doing it anyhow from the start?
The way people act is determined by a lot of factors. Judging my old time friend will be extremely wrong, since I don't know the motive for ensuring that I do it anyhow from the start. Generally, some individuals are not given to details in their work. They expect those around them to also follow suit. Any trace of excellence seems to irritate them. On a contrary note, there are friends who know what is expected but are bent on seeing others execute theirs below standard. Take a close look at those friends around you to ascertain their impact in your life and vice versa.

4. Why must my foundation in this new field be done shabbily?
A strong foundation guarantees a long-lasting  structure. To create a business of value, you cannot jeopardize your foundation. Others may not be concerned about how you start. But it must be your personal goal that whatever business or endeavour that you intend to pursue would have a good foundation.

5. Why should my friend hoard vital information that  can help me become better?
There are individuals who are experts in hoarding information. They are "up there" and they ensure that nobody around them "gets there". 

In life, you have to make certain decisions that define the path your life takes. There is no sentiment when it comes to choosing your close friends.
                                                                                                      Grace A. John-Ugwuanya 

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