Sunday, December 04, 2016

Recently, I hooked up with an old time friend and we chatted about events that had unfolded in our lives. This friend was an expert in a new field that I was delving into and I was anxious to learn new things. As we chatted along, it became obvious to me that this buddy did not want me to think big and do it right from the start. Setting up with the limited information that I had was what my friend wanted.

I could not differentiate what was necessary and not necessary. Sincerely, I was an amateur who didn't know the nitty-gritty of that business. When a few persons around made some vital suggestions that could help me in the long run, this friend quickly dismissed it and told me not to bother. 

Coincidentally, on one of my appointment with this friend, other experts who were my friend's close associates happened to be around. This was the breakthrough that I needed. Although I was not quick to make new friends or chat up with strangers, one of them got inquisitive and was ready to dish out vital information that shaped my thoughts.

Countless opportunities were exposed and the commitment I saw from this stranger to ensure that I do it right from the start was so obvious in every statement uttered. I was literally tempted to take a jotter to write down those thoughts as this expert spoke. It was mind blowing. At some point my old time friend attempted to shut this stranger down but it was met with resistance.

Then it dawned on me:

1. Why didn't my friend tell me all these?

2. Why was my mind limited by the few things I heard?

3. Why was my friend bent on me doing it anyhow from the start?

4. Why must my foundation in this new field be done shabbily?

5. Why should my friend hoard  vital information that  can help me become better?

6. Why was this stranger willing to see the best in me come out?

7. Why did this stranger release the necessary information that I needed to lay a good foundation?

8. Why was this stranger ready to help?

These questions will be answered in the next few series. You can subscribe your email to get updates.

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