Wednesday, February 15, 2017

While most of us canvass for basic academic qualifications, I am of the opinion that we should look at life, in pursuit of our dreams beyond certificates. 

The creativity of a lot of persons has been crippled because instead of looking at academics as a means to an end, it became their end. Sitting idly for years at home in search of a white collar job and becoming so full of oneself to do a blue collar job becomes the high wall that most job-seeking graduates rarely overcome.

I listened excitedly as a lady told me that she was started working as a fashion designer when she graduated from the higher institution after years of scouting for a job without success. As at our time of discussion, she was about resuming for her Master's degree.

Nobody wants to fail or be tagged a failure. But when you choose to have the right attitude, failure is a great teacher. This can only happen  if you have the right attitude. Unemployment, occasional setback and failure should not stiffen the creativity in us.

I experienced academic failure when I was in secondary school. To read the story, you can click here. Failure has a way of interfering suddenly with your routine and provides you an opportunity to discover new solutions. 

Although I've developed a strong flair for academic certification, expanding my mind to see opportunities beyond obtaining degrees has kindled a fresh flame that lied dormant before. 

Remember to think, plan and act beyond academic certificates. Live for impact.

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