Monday, February 06, 2017

I shared a post in September, 2016. It generated over 187 likes, 7 shares and about 60 comments. This record does not seem much in itself, but it reflected a story about my young life. Living to be a person of impact did not come to me with luxury. Too often, I found myself almost giving up before a beam of light shines for breakthrough.

This short piece that I intend to share below reflects the academic background I had and how the tide changed and is changing for me. It was written as a story.

"A mother having five children had different hopes and plans for them. Their academic performance varied from average to successful except for one of her daughters. 

This girl had 42nd position out of 45 in her JSS 3 first term. She was promoted on trial from SS 1 to SS 2 and had some of her teachers counsel her to leave the science class for arts due to her extremely poor performance in the science subjects. But she stubbornly refused and didn't care even when others laughed. 

Her first sitting of WAEC was marked with failure except for Food and Nutrition which she passed. Definitely, she loved food. One year later, she prayed as a young teenage girl for God to make her succeed and He answered. She rewrote her WAEC and passed all the subjects including the sciences. 

She proceeded to the university and graduated with a Second Class Upper Division in Biomedical Sciences. She had a Distinction in her Masters degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and proceeded to commence her PhD in Pharmaceutical Microbiology."

That girl is Grace A. John-Ugwuanya. For students struggling in their studies, trust God to make you successful as you do your part in studying. 

Parents should encourage not only the smart children but also the ones that seem to be "olodos" and blockheads. Most children performing badly easily get discouraged to try harder, especially when they are being teased and made a subject of ridicule among their peers.

Having Certificates does not mean success but for some of us, it means overcoming the failure that once plagued us. 

I can't talk like those who had straight 7 A's in their exams as a growing teenager, let alone being a best student. It didn't come near me. The decision to pursue my academic dreams grew over time, to prove to myself first that I can aim for excellence and achieve it.

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