Thursday, February 02, 2017

As I stood on queue by a cash counter to make payment for some services, I overhead about four men discussing. One of them suddenly got the attention of his friends, "that guy wey I do best man for, he is in the court now to divorce his wife". He got series of missed calls before establishing contact with the guy to hear the unpleasant news.

Expounding how the man's wife had gone to court and was bent on moving on with the divorce process made it appear like there was never love before they married. Maybe the guy had been given the divorce papers, which required that he get a lawyer and appear in court.

He talked about how the man had tolerated bullshit from his wife. The friends quickly interjected, "every marriage has their own challenges". It is how you handle it that makes the difference.  I didn't stand there for too long to eavesdrop into their conversation. No! Their voices were loud. I was not eavesdropping. Smiles! !! !!!

Every decision we make comes with its own challenges. This occurs not only in marriage but in every sphere of life. Personally as a Christian, I work with the scripture verse:
" Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding."

Our reasoning can fail us. Oftentimes, we are majestic in taking some decisions and we find ourselves cringe in fear and shame when the walls we built have began to crumble. Life can just happen to us.

Seeing the year gradually roll makes me wonder how individuals find themselves achieving nothing.
We think through in our minds that there is still time, but we shiver when reality dawns on us that we are aging fast.

This is my first post in Amara Hub blog for 2017. Ruminating on how I can make a better and wider impact will end as a wishful thought if proactive steps are not taken.

Remember that we are: Working together & Influencing lives.

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