Thursday, February 23, 2017

It's time for true confession and I hope to appease my listeners. I'm ADDICTED TO WRITING.

We all have some form of addiction. Whether it is good or bad will determine the consequences that we would receive. Writing my thoughts using daily experiences of life seems to come easy compared to the rigours of analysing data based on my medical research. 

ADDICTED TO WRITING is not just a confession but a thought-provoking book written by Emeka Nobis. Being an attendee in one of his training sessions made me to become deliberate in my writing.

I was privileged to be recruited as one of the editors of this book. What am l feeling like? Editor-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Addicted Writers. Chuckles! !! !!! 

In fact, I don't know what kind of editor I was. I got so carried away by the content, use of words and the effect it had on me that I failed to observe errors.

This book is a masterpiece that resonated in my mind. I picked up my pen immediately after reading it, and began to scribble down words as they flowed ceaselessly. It awoke the writing giant in me.

Mind you, I'm not the author of this book but the writer spurred me to start this blog to showcase my work. I owe it to him. I published a post about Emeka Nobis before. To read it, click here.

In Osofowora Oladipupo Obsequious's words:
Are you currently experiencing doubts as to whether you can brace it and accept the call of a writer?
Are you one of those with the gift, but you've buried it because you think writers are poor blokes?
Do have issue with penning your thoughts?
This book provides valid answers.

It will be launched fully to the public in March and will sell for N3000 once it is launched. The author has opened the cart now for N1000 for all those who truly want to experience a change in their own literary journeys. By the 1st of March, it will go up to N1,500.

To quickly get your copy now, please click Pay Now.

Alternatively, if you hate to go through payment plugin, there is a plan B. Please pay N1,000 into 
Bank: GTBank, 
Account Number: 0120774989,
Account Name: Profound Impacts International.

Thereafter, send an email with your details to consult@emekanobis.com. The heading should read ADDICTED TO WRITING.

We can impact the lives of others in various ways. Personally, I'm "addicted to writing" to bless lives. 

Remember to place your order by clicking Pay Now.

Photo credit: Emeka Nobis

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