Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Kadiri derived pleasure in spending his whole day at home. Although, he was a fresh university graduate, the comfort of his parents' home seemed to be what he craved for. Kadiri didn't think that he was becoming a disgrace to himself. 

At 28 years, he turned down job offers due to flimsy reasons that they were not his dream jobs. Playing high tech games on his iPad and mobile device became his new obsession. 

On the other hand, Bayo had a job expertise in begging. I'll write a funny detail of his curriculum vitae.

Personal statement: 

Having over 10 years experience in begging both during recession and the time of economic boom has positioned me to take up this role in a new location. 


I hate putting myself under pressure on a daily basis. Sitting by the roadside to beg from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm affords me the luxury of receiving fresh breeze under the mango tree and watching passersby while I plead for assistance. 


I love alternating my appearance on different days to either gain sympathy from people or being well dressed and acting like a responsible person who just misplaced his wallet.

These two scenarios occur daily and in most cases, it is regarded as "normal". Developing a self esteem and conditioning the mind to achieve the best is fast eroding, especially amongst young people. 

I fought poor self esteem with all my blood and muscle. It has a way of stealing your confidence and belief in your ability. Having the feeling that I am not the best and I don't deserve the best ate so deep within. I began to cringe like a fowl soaked in the evening rain. 

When I see individuals with deflated confidence due to circumstances beyond their control, I seem to be on an automatic mode to ginger them up. Definitely, I cannot help everybody. But to the specific few, my aim is to see them track the source of that "inferiority complex" and go on to live better lives. 

I'll be starting some live video sessions soon on Facebook with a strong confidence in my heart that at least one person will be inspired. 

Even the decision to send out my daily post, published blog post and quotes is a fight to silence the low self-esteem that strives to rear its ugly head.

I choose to take a risk to be my best. Taking a risk or no risk is a big risk. 

It is a countdown to 1st March, 2017. Take calculated risk to make this year better.


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