Wednesday, March 22, 2017

my power, my pleasure, my pain

Discovering your path through writing and crafting out a niche that sparkles your heart comes from within. How do you know what to write when there are millions of books in existence focused on different areas.

Fiction?  Non-fiction?    Stories?    Poems?
Romance?  Politics?   Women liberation?
Domestic violence?   Finances?  Health?
Child rights?  Motivation?
The list is endless! !! !!!

Your ability to get clarification on what to write on, will guide you in crafting out your words in a sell-able format that keeps your readers glued to the end. Emeka Nobis is one of such writers. 

In this book "Addicted to writing", you will learn to become purposeful in developing the art of writing. He revealed the need to lure your readers while transfixing the words in their hearts, where it unleashes its true meaning. You will also soar in your journey of creating a brand for yourself. 

He defines a true writer as someone who can:
 "minister to you in profound ways that lend meaning to your existence and stirs you to move in the paths of relevance and significance." 

The impact of Emeka's words, works and training kicked off my writing career and made me become deliberate in writing. Read on it here.

When you get hold of "Addicted to writing", you will not get only knowledge but you will be mesmerized by his use of words, which gives you a glimpse into the heart of the writer. Personally, I am still understudying this exceptional thought leader Emeka Nobis

Imagine reading a book and the writer reveals how he masters his art like a sculptor who designs his architectural piece that leaves onlookers in awe.

You will learn to package your passion for writing to a tangible product that yields monetary value. Yes! This takes commitment, persistence and staying true to your core purpose but the dividends is worth the wait. To pre-order, click Pay now.

Notable authors that we revere, who have been graced with high accolades were once unknown authors. How did they become a celebrated writer? By writing.

You eat by eating!
You walk by walking!!
You write by writing!!! 

You learn to write by attempting to write. Make the mistakes and take the corrections. Be consistent. Be committed. ADDICTED TO WRITING will spur your greatly. Pre-order now by clicking Pay now.

Photo credit: Emeka Nobis

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