Friday, March 17, 2017

Temi-Ashabi is not a place, location or country. But it is the name of a young vibrant woman who doubles as a lawyer, a home business coach and the founder of The Millionaire Housewife Business Academy (TMHBA)

I got to hear about Temi-Ashabi Ajibewa from a friend few minutes into a meeting that she was also a participant and speaker. The time of interaction with her was brief but as the days rolled by, I saw a woman who was bent on impacting her world while making profit.

Becoming a business person and crafting a niche for myself is an art that I am carefully observing and learning from her. When I watched series of her Facebook live video, I saw in her many dormant abilities in me that I have refused to express. 

Yes! Life was bent on flinging difficult circumstances my way, which shrinked my confidence. Showing up on Facebook to write a few lines seemed like I was making myself vulnerable to people's criticism. I had to deliver myself from the cage I locked myself in "MY MIND". Nobody was my problem. I was my problem.

My life has been influenced by the individuas that I have been opportuned to meet. This spans through both the young and old. Some individuals who are age conscious build a wall around themselves when they meet younger persons who have attained unimaginable heights.

Meet people who would leave you better than you were. No sentiment in friendship. I tell some of my friends that the moment they observe that I am not adding positively to their lives, without sentiment they should move on.

For career women hoping to transit from 8am - 4pm job into becoming successful entrepreneurs and housewives craving for a business to do, join TMHBA today.

Photo credit: Temi-Ashabi Ajibewa

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