Monday, April 17, 2017

I walked into the church and sat as an alien. How can I be the only black skin in this church. The audience had over 250 white persons seated in the auditorium. My host for the weekend were Catholics and I had to join them to attend the Easter Sunday service. 

While I gazed around for a black skin that would make me feel at home, I suddenly understood a story told by a friend. He saw a black guy that he didn't know for the first time in a white dominant location during his long stay in that region and ran to greet him. They became friends and maintained contact long after he returned back to Nigeria.

God have mercy on me. Now I knew that I was tribalistic. Oh! I mean "Blackistic". Tagging my elegant self a racist seems too harsh. As the service progressed, I caught myself gazing around repeatedly for another black person. Unfortunately, I was the only black skin around.

Why are humans like this?

We tend to be sentimental to people from: 
our tribe, 
our religious beliefs, 
our church denomination, 
 our profession,  
and many more. 

God created us first as humans before we decided to define ourselves based on man-made factors. This became the genesis of so many problems that we are facing in the world.

In our Nigerian system, those who attended universities reflect an air of superiority over individuals who attended polytechnics or colleges of education. We forget that our uniqueness is based on our diversity.

Come to the medical profession, the doctors make rules that favour their fellow doctors at the expense of others in the medical field. The medical laboratory scientist create laws that makes those who read microbiology or biochemistry seem like dullards. 

The pharmacists feel that they know everything about drugs and deserve more than they are given. The nurses have a direct contact with patients and cling to themselves in enacting their codes. Professionals in different fields give the impression of being more relevant than others.

This kind of " I am better than you " attitude sinks deep in us to the extent that we don't enjoy the diversity of life.

If we all can appreciate ourselves first as humans, I believe that the rivalry that occurs amongst the different professions, denominational beliefs and tribal differences will not sprout its ugly head. 

Decide to appreciate the people that come your way daily despite the diversity.

Photo credit: Amara's Hub

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