Thursday, April 06, 2017

As I walked by the hall way of the hospital building with two other ladies, so many persons passed us by as we lazily chatted away. Suddenly, I saw an elderly man with grey hairs who was cleaning the floor with a mopping stick stop to allow us pass before continuing his chore. We just passed without saying a word.

Barely few seconds after I passed, my thoughts began to query my actions for not even saying a word of greeting to this man. I quickly dismissed the thought and had to convince myself that I did not even know the him.

I woke up the next morning and felt so guilt-ridden with the elderly man's face flashing in my mind. I could not explain why.

  • Maybe he was going through some challenges!
  • Maybe receiving a few kind words of greeting could lighten up his day!
  • Maybe all the persons who had passed him as he worked, ignored him without uttering a word!
  • Maybe God expected me to be the person with a different attitude and I joined the crowd by also ignoring him!

The truth be told, I sincerely don't know. But the guilt that gripped my heart that morning had to lead me to pray to God for forgiveness. I have passed so many persons before, both young and old without saying a word, not even exchanging a pleasantry. Why should this one be different?

I made a resolve that if I come across that elderly man again, I would try to establish a conversation. Pending if life will grant me such opportunity, I had to whisper a few words of prayer for him and asked God to sort out whatever challenge that he may be going through.

This brought to mind my previous post on how do you respond to hurts, continue to blog post here.

In this scenario, I didn't say a word. I was not offensive neither did I display this form of superiority over him in my demeanour. In fact, I don't even know him. My heart kept ruminating on why I got so overwhelmed with guilt even in my silence.

I had to learn a deep truth, it is not only in our words that we offend. Our attitude of silence and withdrawal to a person who needs reassurance could add to the pain or hurts that they are going through. Learning everyday is my new habit and this case made me literally feel the weight in my heart.

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  1. Sometimes silence is a comment. Great lesson there, Amarachi.

    1. Very true. Thanks for taking out time to read the blog post.

  2. Sometimes silence is a comment. Great lesson there, Amarachi.


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