Thursday, June 15, 2017

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UNCLOG THE CLOG is a book for those who yearn to break off self-limiting beliefs that has held them back from pursuing their dreams. 

I discovered that too often we are the ones stopping ourselves from achieving our goals. 

In my recent self-discovery, becoming who I am today flowed from the moment I stopped erecting stumbling blocks around my life. The difficulties that life threw my way had stolen the lofty dreams I had set for myself.

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I checked through the dictionary for the meaning of “clog”. It showed barricade, blank wall, block, deterrent, encumbrance, fence, hindrance, hurdle, impediment, obstacle, obstruction, pale,  restraint, road block, stop, stumbling block, traverse, wall, etc.

These factors became the mountains that I had to overcome.

eBook Cover Design: Amara's Hub

UNCLOG THE CLOG is a book that will spur your mind, deactivate those self-imposed limits and encourage you in your own unique journey.

For your free copy, Click here or type your email in the comment section. 

UNCLOG THE CLOG will be free for 48 hours after it is published.

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