Wednesday, June 14, 2017

I grew up in a strict religious home where you have to obey all the "do's and don't". How you walk, eat, dress and virtually everything must conform to the regimented rule. Wearing simply sown dresses and comfy flat loafers or low-heeled shoes seemed to be the norm that certifies you as a "good girl".

Even as a grown adult with liberty to live based on my terms, I still find those strings attached to my childhood showing forth in my older years. This does not seem to matter until you find yourself in another continent and weather condition that attacks your belief system.

I've been opportuned to travel outside the shores of Nigeria before and I was forced to learn how to dress during the winter to combat the cold. Irresspective of religion or personal beliefs, you just have to find a way to dress up warmly and scare away frostbite.

On a certain occasion in one of my trips, I under-estimated the weather by wearing my jeans with a flat loafer. Conincidentally, snow fell on the day I arrived and all the shoes I travelled with were flat loafers.

My host stared at me like I committed an unforgivable offence. Whether I had it in my budget was not their concern, all road led to a shoe store where I had to buy the winter boots.

Thoughts began to rush through my ever busy mind. How can my lovely loafers be tagged "unfit"?

This reflects in our daily lives. Using old ways that we are accustomed to in solving new challenges that life presents to us will not always work. A change of approach may be required in handling the differeof issues that presents itself to us.

Recently I heard a definition on insanity to mean doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result.

Getting stock to "this is how it has been done" can become the beginning of the end in the pursuit of our dreams. Change is always difficult even when we know the benefits.

Action Points
1) Take a few minutes now to review your personal activities.
2) Identify areas you have repeated actions that are not yielding your desired results.
3) Decide to make a change.

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