Tuesday, July 11, 2017

I read an article by Oracle Zents titled "when a Degree is not who you are" and it made me realise the shift in mindset that has defined many young graduates. I got to know recently that Gani Fawehinmi graduated with a "Pass" from the university but wielded more influence than some first class and second class graduates.

"From Gen Gowon  to Military President Babangida, they were all scared of Gani Fawehinmi. Gani was a friend of the sick and the poor, a philanthropist with special attention to education where he noted his own weakness. He gave Nigeria his all, energies and commitment to the rule of Law and love for humanity.

What you make out of your University education depends on what you put into the society. Your degree is not a waste it is template for you to understand life and contribute meaningfully to the society. The man who made a difference is the one with education to improve his environments not the paper qualifications.

Have a renewed spirit and mind in how you see life. Let you goal in life be guided with your contribution to your society. Never looked down on anyone who came out of the University with ordinary pass. He could be the one to make a difference." 

We are wired differently when it comes to education. Individuals who may not display sharp academic excellence could turn out to be exceptional leaders with international influence. We have technical experts, intellectual gurus, business tycoons, architectural artist and people in various spheres of life who are impacting their world.

Paper qualifications has become the undoing of our youths and the Nigerian system. If we can begin to look beyond ourselves and take education as a platform to influence our society, we will have a better system.

One of my strengths is academic pursuits. Although I am in the concluding phase of my Doctorate degree, living life to impact and influence others is my driving force. Have you found your own purpose?

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