Saturday, November 18, 2017


I laid down on the hospital bed with a tube connected to my stomach meant to drain excess blood out after surgery while I was being transfused blood at the same time in my right hand. The series of painkiller injections that flowed at different sequence made me go numb.

The pain seemed to last forever. I waited for hours to see the effect of anaesthesia wear off my frail body. Family members stood close as they yearned to see me jack back to life and good health.

Post-surgery complications became another prayer point to pray against. How can my health derail this way?

As I think back of the time when I was struggling with my health, the feeling still remained unpleasant. That season appeared like I wouldn't get through it but I made it anyway.

If I were to coach myself when I was overwhelmed by challenges,
  • What advice would I give?
  • Will empathy flow through my words?
  • Would I even believe the words that I had to say?

People connect more with us when they hear our story. Our visible success stops to blindfold their eyes from the real struggles that we had to overcome.

I make the decision daily to transform my life into something that’s barely recognizable from where I have been in the past.

When I choose to share my story in my new eBook UNCLOG THE CLOG, it comes from the knowledge that someone out there needs to be encouraged and get help from my story.

It's my desire to share my new eBook UNCLOG THE CLOG with you at the discount price of N1,000.

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Book release date: 28th November, 2017.

I'm not perfect and my shortcomings surfaces at intervals. But rising above the storms to make meaning out of my life is a conscious effort.

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