Sunday, January 21, 2018


One advantage I enjoyed in 2017 is learning how to step into the waters even when I'm scared. As I read a recent Facebook post of Chichi Eruchalu, I saw a replica of the one thing that I allowed to hold me back - FEAR.

Someone she chatted with told her:
"Be Brave"
"You have to be fearless". 

Although 2017 was marked with lots of accomplishments for her, she confessed that she did everything with caution. Underneath it all, she was running scared:

Scared to make a mistake,
Scared to look stupid,
Scared to make the investments she needed to make,
Scared to say the things she really wanted to say,
Scared to put herself out there in a much bigger way,

And being sacred does one thing - it holds you back from fulfiling your true potential.

For most things I accomplished in 2017, I was scared of taking steps forward. From my daily posts on social media, my Facebook video and audio live broadcast, running my blog, publishing my eBook UNCLOG THE CLOG, finishing my doctorate lab research, driving interstate for 2-3 hours, etc, fear rose up at each stage.

I recall sitting before my phone in preparation for a Facebook video live broadcast and my heartbeat began to race fast. Those times I would just tell myself " Relax Grace! It's only you and the phone that are in the room.

Kai! Fear has stopped so many of us from achieving our big dreams.

My resolution as a new year rolls in is to pursue all my long term dreams with boldness and courage. This will only remain in my head as resolutions if no proactive steps are taken.

Your life is preaching even when you are not saying anything. 

What legacy is your life writing?

While I'm alive and with divinity working to my favour, I want to leave a legacy that I blessed lives not accolades after death.

As Tony Robbins talked about living your legacy: "I want that legacy while I’m alive. I’m not waiting until I’m dead to give away all my money and do things of that nature. I’m doing it now. I want to see people’s lives touched as we speak.”

This reminds me of a song " Only one life, it will soon be gone...."

Time is ticking fast. Don't wait until you are advanced in age before living your mark in the sands of time.

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  1. Enter your comment...Indeed a lot of people have been held captives by fear but thank God for someone like you who not only had the boldness to face/overcome your fears but also help others rise above their fears and every other self imposed limitations. God bless you ma'am, you really are a blessing to me.

    1. Thank you so much Christabel for those kind words. I'm excited to be a blessing. God bless you.


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