Tuesday, February 27, 2018

I received a call from an unknown number and decided to wait for a few seconds to hear hello or recognise the voice. Instead I was graced with silence.

I also remained silent till the person chose to ask:
"Are you back home?"

In courtesy, I tried to respond:

"I'm sorry I don't have this phone number in my phone. Please who am I speaking with?"

To my utter shock, I heard my boss tell me his first name in response.

Hey! I entered apology mode and began to explain how I can't see the names of phone numbers that I stored in my phone.   Truly, I had his number but the true caller App on my phone altered some saved numbers after my last update. 

Imagine if I had sounded rude on the phone, I would have started editing my CV in search for another job.

On another occasion, I received a call from a phone number not saved on my phone. In a bid to sound formal, I asked:

"Please, who am I speaking with? I don't have this number on my phone"

The response on the other line was:

"I'm your mother"

I bursted into laughter because I never knew my Mum had gotten another another sim card. 

There are responses we get occasionally from unknown numbers that shows typical rudeness. I've had some persons cut the phone on me or raise their tone in annoyance when asked such questions

How do you respond to such scenarios?

Common courtesy during phone call pays. You never know who maybe at the other end of the phone.

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