Saturday, February 24, 2018

I can't even remember how I came across the name Remi Owadokun. All I can remember is that in my pursuit to live a life of purpose and influence, names of individuals who have taken giant strides towards their dreams began to float around me.

You attract what you desire. 

Remi is one of such personality. Tidying up my PhD thesis has not given me the luxury of time to study this phenomenal young woman. But I must say, when I got to know that she does not have a university or college degree, it had to reawaken my drive to pursue and live a life of purpose much more with "all my university degrees".

As I began to write this piece a few days ago, I came across another write up in a blog about one of the richest women in Africa, Folorunso Alakija. According to the billionaire, she made a revelation about her life that she was able to achieve greatness in life even without a University degree.

This loosened some nuts in my brain. These women made me realise much more that sometimes our academic degrees could be the prison walls holding us back from creativity and becoming a personality of influence. I'm not talking about being a local champion alone but global figures of influence.

I don't know Remi Owadokun personally but with social media, how far your influence can go knows no bounds. 

In my journey of becoming a person of influence, I had to come down from the high horse of career accomplishments or age as a factor to humble myself and learn. While I look up to older folks who are exceptional in their craft and successful, I am more fascinated by younger individuals (anyone I'm older than) who break predefined limits and are setting mind blowing records of success.

Why the "age" clause?
Some of us are typical with age. We close our minds when we see individuals far younger than us achieving what we are yet to IMAGINE. Pride won't let us. After all, I'm older than him/her.

By virtue of age, I'll term myself big sister but when it comes to influence and knowing her stuff, Remi Owadokun is  a MOTHER HEN. What changed her life was using her personal story to make a difference and create  her brand.

She is always known for this slogan "Too Late To Be Nobody".

I don't know what is holding you back. You may have sincere excuses and obvious challenges. But to live a life of impact, influence and purpose, you need to shift your focus.

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