Friday, April 06, 2018

To advance faster in business, career, relationships and every sphere of life, collaboration with others becomes vital. The idea or solutions you need might be in the hands of someone else.

I stumbled on Elisha Mamman at the banking hall. I recognised his face instantly as he walked in. I greeted and shock filled his face. He could not believe the ease of seeing a Facebook and Instagram friend whose works he applauds standing before him.

Previously, I had initiated a chat after I saw some of his works that aligns with my core passion. He anchors a monthly crowded programme called "The Winning Mindset". His commitment to youth empowerment and possibility mindset revolves around activities that stimulates my interest.

When you see things you value that reawakens your purpose, don't hesitate to connect yourself.

Although we have chatted previously about future collaboration, the ease of seeing him  without having to book an appointment made me believe the law of attraction. You attract what you desire.

I've pushed myself forward to become a person of influence by virtue of my deliberate choice to consciously assess who I interact with. If they are a step ahead of you, watch what they have done and replicate the process based on your unique scenario.

Whether in your daily activities and the individuals that you interact with on social media, you are a sum total of the major persons you spend time with. Raise your standard high.

Despite what life throws on your path, decide to be known as a person of value.

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