Wednesday, May 16, 2018

I boarded an UBER taxi to head for the airport. As I sat at the back of the car with my luggage stacked on the sit, I asked the driver if I could charge my phone briefly with the USB car charger. Immediately, he gave a quick cold response: "I'm charging my phone.

As I alighted from the taxi, the driver turned towards me and said: " Remember to write a review for me on my UBER page.

My response was: "which review?" Is it the cold response you graced me with as though we had an outstanding quarrel when I entered the taxi? I asked for charger and even when you know that my ride in the taxi will last for the next few minutes, you blatantly refused.

Maybe he was having a bad day before he picked me up but those minutes in his car were not pleasurable to get a good review. I told him that I will rather not write a review for him 'cos if I do, it will be a bad one.

On another occasion, I tried to buy goat meat from a woman. In a bid to bargain, she insisted on the price and turned her face annoyingly. I told myself: "we are not quarrelling" and walked away. Funny enough, I bought the goat meat from another woman for the same price but she was smiling. I naturally walk away from the first woman in my subsequent shopping for goat meat.

If someone is to write a review about their experience with you at work or in your place of business, what will it be?

I've not always been my best in relating with others. But I have become deliberate in improving my relational skills by leaving a positive impression in the minds of the individuals I come in contact with.

Definitely, there would be some "bad" days when everything seems to go wrong at the same time. Even on those days, the impression we leave on people's minds still matters.

This is a major factor that determines whether our customers or clients will keep patronising us and also refer others to our business.

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