Tuesday, May 29, 2018

As the church service progressed, everyone rose up for prayers. I suddenly turned and saw a woman sit back with pain written over her face. Hmmm! I've experienced some health issues that makes me easily recognise someone in pain without being told.

Her husband who stood by her side turned slightly and looked at her, in a bid not to create a scene.

I didn't know what the problem was but I resolved to go talk to her at the end of the service.

As other church members greeted themselves and walked out, I went straight to where she sat with my hands placed over her shoulder as I beckoned to know what the problem was. She complained of stomach pain.

Probing further, she said the doctors recommend that she should do an abdominal scan. 

I asked: 
Have you done the scan?

Her response triggered more concern:
We are still trying to get the money

How much is it?

And she said: N2,000

Immediately, I asked for her account number to cover for the cost of the scan and a little extra.

I whispered to my husband while still in church and gave him a summary of the discussion I had and my intention.

Driving home, we kept wondering how many persons going through health challenges and the financial burden it places on them.

I choose not to talk about myself and the events I've gone through. But learning in the process has positioned me to empathise and dish out sincere words of comfort.

What is your pain advantage?

Have others benefited from your experience?

Are you willing to share your story?

Do you reflect a high level of patience when relating with others who are presently going through what you have experienced before?

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