Friday, June 29, 2018

I fixed an appointment with the consultant pathologist as she desired to catch up with my career path and doctoral research. Intermittently, different staff and patient cases kept interrupting the course of our discussion. 

There were occasional breaks in our chat as she attended to pressing issues that came up. 

A case was referred to the pathologist and as the female patient talked about her health issues, the consultant advised that any of her relation should assist  in the hospital running around because she appeared so sickly. 

She broke down in tears while telling us that she lost her husband a few years back while her children were not old enough to cater for themselves.  She looked dry and pale with different diagosis pointing towards cancer.

The Consultant pathologist advised thatI  engage the woman in a close discussion  while she walked out briefly to attend to another patient.

Here was I face to face with another round of counselling session in an office I had never been to before, talking to a woman I have never seen before.

Sometimes God has to inconvenience us in order to bless someone.

As I talked to her, she said: 
"I fat before. 
Na sickness make lean like this"

You could see her blouse dangling over her shoulder. She shared so many things that I can't talk about in this post. A cytology test had been recommended and when the she was told it would cost N10,000, I could see her cringe clearly showing that she could not afford it.

I offered to pay for it and advised the pathologist to proceed with the sample collection. She was full of gratitude.

The smiles that began to reflect on her face as I counselled and encouraged her to be strong was soothing to me as she posed for the pictures.

I don't see my official trips as just doing office stuffs. For me, it is an opportunity to break new grounds and open my eyes to new challenges that align with my core passion.

Inspiring and encouraging others comes with a price. In most cases, it won't be convenient. Life will also throw arrows at you that could make you overwhelmed and loose interest to help others.

As I have tried to inspire others daily, the fears, hurts and uncertainty that plagues the individuals I meet gets stronger than the challenges in my own life. 

Love your neighbour as yourself becomes the motto holding my heart together. The smiles on the faces of others who begin to see light at the end of the tunnel keeps me driven.

Be authentically who you are. You have to be YOU.

This is WHO I am and WHAT I do with the LIFE I have.

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  1. Awesome piece.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for reading.

      Being a blessing to others takes our eyes off ourselves and challenges we maybe facing.

  2. God bless you,as you water others. God will surely water you.


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