Tuesday, September 11, 2018

UNCLOG THE CLOG takes you in a journey on how to break off self-limiting beliefs that has held you back from pursuing your dreams. It will help you to gain clarity on how to break off those hidden chains that has restricted you from living the life that you desire and lead you into impacting your life with the lives of those around you.

Pre-order 30% discount for the hardcopy of UNCLOG THE CLOG will be ongoing before launch on 22nd September, 2018.

Instead of N2,000 ($7) for the hard copy, 
You will get your copy for N1,500 ($5).

Pre-order now on

Our project in this last quarter of 2018 is to supply free copies of UNCLOG THE CLOG to the libraries of different private and public secondary schools in Kaduna metropolis. Any amount will be highly appreciated.
Sponsor a copy for a student on

I am a creative writer, public speaker and author while working as a Biomedical Researcher.
Cover Design: Amara's Hub

Inside cover

1) How I transformed from being held down by low self-esteem and self-pity to bubbling with confidence!
2) How I identified the stumbling blocks that I had erected my life!
3) Know the main thing that is holding you back!
4) Gain the confidence to tell your own story

 Pre-orders for the hardcopy is ongoing. 
Launch date is 22nd September, 2018. 

Grab your copy on:

We will deliver the hardcopy to any state within Nigeria.

Free delivery to Abuja/Kaduna and for minimum order of 5 in any location within Nigeria. Orders below 5 will attract shipping cost pending when we get distributors close to your location.

Distributors/Marketers are needed in the 36 States of Nigeria. If you are interested or know someone, please send an email to: amarashub@gmail.com 
Attractive bonus!

NB: International delivery of the hardcopy will attract shipping cost.
 Alternatively, you can order for the eBook at a discounted price of N1,000($3) HERE

UNCLOG THE CLOG will spur your mind, deactivate those self-imposed limits and encourage you in your own unique journey.

Pre-order your hardcopy on PAY NOW for  N1,500 to get the 30% discount before the launch date: 22nd September, 2018 

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