Wednesday, December 19, 2018

About 12:52 on Monday, a WhatsApp message from an On-Air Personality dropped on my phone:

''Grace, are you chanced today by 3:30pm to be a guest on our radio programme? But I don't know if you have an idea of politics and people with disability? We need their manifesto to contain political statements that will also favour people with disability. Think about it and let me know before 1:30pm. Can you make some research?''

I definitely don't like Nigerian politics and rarely read or listen to political news. Why did he think of me out of all the guests that have graced their platform?

On further inquiry, I was told that the focus  was on the solution to negligence of people with disability as the campaign for 2019 heats up. I told him that I would be around.

Here was I, in an important meeting with Elisha Mamman that wouldn't give me time to browse the internet for information that would guide my speech. By the time the meeting was over and I drove to Liberty FM, it was barely 15 mins to being on air.

With my pen and book handy, I kept jotting vital points as we prepped for the live session. The way I transited from motivational Grace to political Grace still baffles me. To listen to the audio clip, click LISTEN

This was when I knew that I have read wide in bits and had plenty stored up knowledge seeking for expression. The anchor person on the radio show could not hide his shock after the session was over. My favourite fan (my husband) listened and was overly impressed 'cos he hadn't seen this political side of me.

We often pray for opportunities but are we really prepared to deliver with excellence when the opportunity comes?

Personal development cannot be overemphasized. Keep improving yourself in every phase of your growth as you make effort to show up towards your dreams.

Listen to the radio clip here click LISTEN


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