Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Amara's Hub Concepts embarked on a School Empowerment/Book Donation Project with a target of inspiring the lives of over 2,000 students attending fifteen (15) different schools.

Donation of ten (10) free copies of my book ''UNCLOG THE CLOG: My adventure to find me'' to the libraries of each school was our community impact project aimed at breaking every self-limiting beliefs that could deter the students from taking steps towards their goals.

First successful outing was in Queen Amina College, Kaduna (an all-girls school) where we marked the International Day for the Girl Child to support the girls to take the lead and influence decisions that matter to them while harnessing the power to transform their future.

Speaking to the students

As I discussed with the school principal about my intention to hold a youth empowerment programme in the all-girls school and to commemorate with the International Day for Girls on 11th October, her response shocked me.

"Ideally, we need to get permission from the Commissioner of Education and Zonal Director before handling such programs. In your case, we will boycott protocols. We have some students who repeated their previous classes and most of them are discouraged and depressed. A mother  broke down in tears 'cos  her daughter was told to repeat a class. I'll give you audience to talk to those students"

My brief chat with her about who I was before and where I am today was strong enough to break protocol. I told the Principal that it was one of the reasons why I wrote my book: UNCLOG THE CLOG: My adventure to find me.

I wasted lots of time with low self-esteem, self-pity and depression. It would have been shorter if I was privileged to leverage on the experience of mentors. I desire that these students get it right early despite failure or other setbacks.

Slide view of pictures

Influencing lives especially that of young people is a passion that keeps my mind sane.

Our slogan remans ''Working together, Influencing lives''.

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