Tuesday, January 01, 2019

This is Queen, a baby girl that was almost killed by her own so-called mother because she can't cope with the demands of having a child.

Her mom literally sat on her head with a pillow before a friend came in and intervened.

I was worried about the mark on her forehead, which I assume was as a result of the mum's act. No trace of it as I saw her during our recent orphanage outreach. She didn't want me to carry her but I bought her attention with a caprisone.

Team members looking on as
Queen gets her caprisone
The first orphanage outing was exciting. We had the opportunity to interact with them. Some of the babies we met in our previous outreach had grown up.

Adonai Orphanage, Kaduna
Michael was very sickly when we saw him before and it seemed to had affected his growth (See child above carried by our team member)

After speaking some inspiring words to the children, I had to give copies of my book UNCLOG THE CLOG to the older children.

Presenting a copy of UNCLOG THE CLOG
We met Tomise in the second orphanage outreach that we visited. We were informed that her mother who is mentally unstable was impregnated by an unreasonable man that took advantage of her mental state.

Tomise and the project coordinator
Grace A. John-Ugwuanya
The daughter (about 2yrs now) had to be taken away  through the consent of the villagers in order to be properly taken care of by the orphanage. As a preventive measure, a 5-years family planning was done for the mum.

Distribution of packages to the children
As we prepared to leave, Oluwatomise refused to let go and wanted to follow us. She cried profusely as we handed her over to the care givers.

Blessed Touch Orphanage, Kaduna
Bread! !! !!!
I never thought of adding bread to the list of things to buy for the orphanage outreach but it suddenly dropped in my mind as I wrote out the list of things to purchase. ''Plan for their next breakfast''

Bread for distribution to the orphanage
I don't think that I have ever bought this quantity of bread at once before. But I've always yearned to be open to divine instruction. This time we opted to arrange a package for each child. What combination of products should be in each pack?

These were my thoughts as I sorted out what to buy at the market. Here we are with the gifts ready for over 70 persons.

Packages for distribution
It's been an awesome outreach as we hear different stories and the peculiar challenges they face in handling each child.

Team members with the children
 @ Adonai Orphanage
Team members @Blessed Touch Orphanage
Thanks to my team Linda Joseph, Deborah Richard, Emmanuella Tega, Ogechi Jeannie Adaeze.

''Working together, Influencing lives''

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