Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The students gazed in shock as I told them:
"When I was in JSS 3, I had 42nd position out of 45. I failed Mathematics, English, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geography and Economics in my first sitting of WAEC but passed only Food & Nutrition."

As I was writing the list of schools for the student empowerment/book donation project, it dawned on me that my Alma mater "Model International School, Kaduna" had to be included in the list of 20 schools.

A cross section of the students

The students were so excited when they heard that I did most part of my primary and secondary school in Model International School. They turned me to a celebrity as over forty students lined up for me to autograph their textbooks, exercise book and even lab coats. It gave me a nostalgic feeling.

Students listening attentively while the
 empowerment talk was going on

The Proprietress whom I have known for over 28 yrs in primary school could not hide her joy. The Chemistry teacher, Mr Yusuf was the only face of teachers that I could recognise.

Giving a copy of UNCLOG THE CLOG to
the Proprietress and Mr Yusuf

One of the teachers came to me and whispered in my ears:
"Thanks for all the words you spoke. I gave up on furthering my education. But I have decided to proceed with my postgraduate studies next year".

Ten (10) copies of UNCLOG THE CLOG were donated to the school. But I was amazed when the casual staffs and cleaners told me that they wanted to buy copies for their children. Unfortunately, I had just a few with me.

Writing my autograph on the copies
of UNCLOG THE CLOG donated

It's been a learning experience based on the empowerment program in the various schools. While it reminds me of how fast time has moved and waits for no one, it still creates a deep sense of passion to see young lives being inspired to pursue their destiny.

As we rounded up and were walking out of the gate of Excel Modern Integrated School, Kaduna, one of the students greeted:
"Good afternoon ma"

I went close to him in smiles 'cos he was on a wheelchair. I chatted briefly with him and he was the only student I gave a personal copy of my book UNCLOG THE CLOG. I asked for his permission to take a picture with him and he granted it.

Excel Modern Integrated School

The hall was packed full as the students looked forward to the empowerment talk.

The students listening during the talk

It is certain that what I do and how I do it may not impress some persons, but it gives me inner satisfaction that no one can take from me.

When you find your true purpose, give it all it takes and avoid distractions.

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