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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

As I walked into Federal Government College, Malali in Kaduna State, it just reminded me of those years when I was coming around as an undergraduate student to speak during their FCS meeting. Over 15 years have rolled by.

Today, I drove into the school as part of the  Career Flexibility Project. Thanks to Mrs Folashade Imenger who linked me up on who to see. The tossing around from the offices of the VP - Student Affairs who was not available to the VP - Admin, followed by the VP - Academics and later the  Principal quietly reminded me that I was in a Government establishment.

Patience became a virtue. I ended up counting about 3 hours waiting period before my mission was accomplished.  Those hours were not wasted as I had 100 copies of my new book "Flexible Strictness in Career Choice" to autograph. I have autographed books before but I have never autographed 100 books in less than 3 hrs.

Thanks to Edwin Peprah, an alumni of FGC, Malali who sponsored the 100 copies that were donated to FGC, Malali. I won't forget to mention other alumni: Patricia Oria-Arebun and Anejo Timothy Edache whose excitement about the project was so infectious.

Since the students were having classes, I couldn't get the time to talk with them. However, I gave the VP - Admin ninety (90) copies for distribution to the students and ten (10) copies to the school library.

I was quite impressed by the maintenance culture of FGC, Malali. I'll have to plan a facilitation talk with the VP - Student Affairs for next term.

This is officially the beginning of our Career Flexibility Project with 100 copies distributed.

1,900 more books to go.

Gift a student a free copy of "Flexible Strictness in Career Choice. For details on the project objective and sponsorship, click DONATE.

Imagine a misguided youth waiting for 7 years at home because they are bent on studying Medicine & Surgery before succumbing to the realities of life.

If you need copies of the book, feel free to send a DM.

Working together, Influencing lives.

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