Friday, May 10, 2019

The Zango-Kataf crisis of 1992 pushed families to 44 Barracks for refuge, including my family.

We slept on mats with different families lined up on the verandah due to lack of space. My mum had packaged some foodstuffs as with a stove, which she used to cook some hurried "concoction" meals to feed her hungry children.

As inquisitive children, we heard stories of people who were killed, house burnt and many more.

Kajuru killings to me sounded like a storyline until a guy who did some job for me called to inform me that his father was among those killed.

Watching the displaced families sitting under the canopy while the children had their makeshift classes in the Adara Community Hall made me wonder why some heartless individuals would seek to destroy lives, properties and communities.

The number of displaced children, women and men is alarming.

Women handling the cooking

The well-abled and worst still the disabled are struggling to cope. I spoke about this at Liberty 91.7 FM on the program "Can it be true" with David Monday on May 6th, 2019

Our IDP "Glow with Grace" Outreach organised by Graced for Active Progress Empowerment Initiative (GAPEI) held on Wednesday, 8th May, 2019 where clothes, shoes, foodstuffs and educational materials was donated. 

Packages all set for distribution

We provided educational materials for the makeshift classes organised for the children.

Educational materials and clothes for distribution

To people who are living in IDP camps, there is no giving that is too much until they regain back peace in their community and live in the shelter of their homes.

Interactive session with the children

Start looking out for opportunities to serve others wherever you find yourself.

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