Monday, July 22, 2019

When a colleague at my previous place of work had to tell me her opinion about my activities, it became quite obvious that fitting into the status quo and desiring to "feel among" your peers is the fastest route to stagnation.

I knew that I was already becoming a local champion and felt quite uneasy.

Meeting and learning from people who were better, smarter and had massive progress than me became my new goal.

This pushed me to a "class" of my own. 

Peer competition waned off since they suddenly realised that I had carved out a different path for myself.

Evaluate your relationships

When you think about the individuals you relate with often, who are those that have a good or bad influence on you?

Who is that person that often upsets you or brings out the worst in you?

Is there anything you can choose to do to handle it positively?

It is not about whether they act good or bad, it is about how YOU react to them. 

If you don't handle this well, it can drain your energy and waste your time as you keep thinking on what went wrong. I was a victim of this.

Be mindful of who you spend your time it.

Spend it with the right people so that your effort is geared towards pursuing purpose.

What effect does your close associates have on you?

It's a new week.

Conserve your energy for use where it matters most.

To your sound mind,

Grace A. John-Ugwuanya

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