Monday, August 26, 2019

When the HOD at a place where I worked before regarded my response at work to be "aggressive" and my emails "confrontational", I didn't bother to defend myself. I kept quiet and accepted the blame.

After all, I was the subordinate staff and had to comply with the rules.

I stopped making comments during meetings.
I didn't give my opinion towards issues even when asked.
I became withdrawn and quiet.

Even when I had vital information to share, I chose to remain silent to avoid being misunderstood. I didn't want it to seem like I was always "showing myself", so I kept mute.

My colleagues knew that I was "good" and couldn't fathom why I stopped giving my inputs.

But it didn't end there.
I directed my "aggressive" attitude towards my goals. I discharged my energy to the jobs within my sphere and created a track record of excellence.

My fellow subordinate staff always saw me as someone to meet when they were stuck.

One of them told me, "Grace I am more careful of you when you are quiet because you see more then, than we can imagine."

To my immediate HOD, the next fault and query I had was that I am no longer talking. From being aggressive to silence, I was still the guilty one.

Men of true impact don't fight for position, visibility or appearance. Their results speak for them not their propaganda.

I still didn't impress my immediate HOD, but my main boss had observed the level of professionalism in discharging my roles.

When it was time to send a staff to handle training on behalf of the office, he nominated me.

When they had a medical facilitation in a military hospital, he indicated that "Grace" (me, myself and I) would be the one to represent the organisation.

When a visiting Consultant was sent to the facility where I was training, the feedback I got was:
"No wonder Prof said you are the best option for the work."

When you are called "aggressive", what does it really mean?

Until recently, I always saw the meaning of aggressive from the negative perspective until the dictionary opened my eyes.

Aggressive doesn't only mean being hostile.

Other synonyms include: assertive, forceful, competitive, insistent, vigorous, energetic, dynamic, driving, bold, audacious, enterprising, go-ahead and zealous.

For the first, I appreciated the words being said to me.

Grace! You are aggressive.

How aggressive are you towards your goals?

Every successful person I know is aggressive towards their goals.

Feel free to drop a comment below.

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