Monday, August 12, 2019


I was opportuned to talk on "Character in the Workplace" as one of the speakers at the Re-inventing Yourself Leadershift 2019 conference organised by Edward Steven.

As usual, I shared a recent experience I had when the research organisation I worked with before called me to go and handle a major training as part of their ongoing internationally funded research.

The question is:
Why would a company you have worked for before call you to handle a training on their behalf?

I would simply put it as "Character and Excellence in delivery at the workplace"

The level of excellence I display and the kind of success my life will reflect is dependent on what I do consistently.

Everyone of us will not be entrepreneurs despite  popular slogans like "be your own boss".

Remember that before you be your own boss, you also need the capital to be your own boss. 

How would you get the capital? You have to work for someone. 

The type of character you reflect will make you to either be admired for the good job done or despised.

Good character pays.

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