SEX: The Avoided Topic In Homes And Religious Centres

Saturday, August 17, 2019

And then I got an invitation to talk to some youths in a fellowship gathering.

Of all the topics they had outlined, which sounded spiritual, the topic I was told  to speak on was "Sex is a Mystery".

Haba! Spiritual Sister Grace
How will you be talking about Sex as a topic in a Fellowship?

But as much as we try to run away from this sensitive topic, it remains a very deep issue of concern among teenagers, youths and adults.

I've driven through locations where the club houses are full of teenage boys and girls within 15 - 19 yrs. You tend to wonder whether their parents are aware of where their children are at that time of the night.

As I spoke on the topic, most of the audience stared at me with this look of sanctity and holy demeanor.

But when I began to talk of real issues such as masturbation, pornography addiction, sexual escapades that many have been enslaved to, they naturally began to nod their heads in affirmation and occasional burst of laughter.

Why do parents get so uncomfortable about discussing the realities of sex to their growing children, not knowing that these youths know way too much from their peers?

Why do the religious leaders find it unholy to address this topic?

How does teenage pregnancy occur? Sex

Who happens during a rape incident? Sex

What is the cause of sexually transmitted diseases? Sex

What do prostitute do to get money? Sex

What events happen before an individual thinks of having an abortion? Sex

Why are we running away from an issue that is plaguing our society? 

Remember Ochanya's case of being sexually abused by her uncle and his son, until her health failed and she paid the ultimate price - death.

When rape is mentioned, some men are quick to say that it is because the ladies are "dressing sexy". How do you explain a 2-month old been sexually molested? Is it their pampers or napkins that is sexy?

Then a bizarre story I read of a father who puts his male organ in the mouth of his newborn baby. When caught by his wife, he said he enjoys the mouth-action of the baby.
Yet we find it extremely hard to talk about this issue in our homes and religious centres.

It is time to pursue a Preventive Talk about it than Curing the manifestation of the act. Sex is beyond physical. There is a spiritual and emotional tie attached to it that enslaves when not done as our Creator originally planned.

This is ME sharing my thoughts on a topic I have not been ready to talk about on stage.

To your sound character,

Grace A. John-Ugwuanya

Feel free to drop a comment below.

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  1. It's a high time for us, to start talking about sex, sexual harassment, and gender. Let put shame and shyness aside.

    1. Very true.
      We need to put away shame and shyness to address an issue that is plaguing our society.


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