I am Grace  A.  John-Ugwuanya, the Director of Amara's Hub Concepts, an event management, content writing and capacity building service provider. I am a public  speaker,  a human development strategist,  an author and Biomedical Researcher.

Academically, I have a Bachelors degree  in  Medical  Laboratory Sciences,  a  Masters  degree  in Pharmaceutical Sciences with a Distinction from University  of  Greenwich,  United Kingdom,  and did my Doctorate  degree  in  Pharmaceutical Microbiology at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria in collaboration with University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, USA.

However, I discovered  that  academics  didn't give  me  personal  satisfaction  when compared  to  inspiring  others  towards  self-discovery  and mindset  change. I am enthusiastic  and passionate  to  help individuals, especially the youths to breakout beyond certificates and explore their abilities while offering valuable services.

As a public speaker, I began  to  achieve  this  through  creating and accepting speaking opportunities aimed at overcoming past failures and taking proactive steps into the greatness they desire.

In my journey as a writer and author, I scribble down deep thoughts, my personal story of overcoming the odds and being tagged an academic failure as a tool to  inspire  others  in  becoming  a  better  version of  themselves. I also help writers  in their pathway of becoming authors.

My first Amazon bestselling book titled "UNCLOG THE CLOG: My adventure to find me" was written in unambiguous and precise language that can help anyone rise above the plague of low self-esteem, past experiences and unearth the hidden treasures within them.

Other books that I've authored are:
* Sit Down With You
* Surgery is a Sin: Am I sure?
* Flexible Strictness in Career Choice

I am currently working on collaborations to expand my sphere of influence.

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Grace A. John-Ugwuanya is a human development strategist, public speaker, an author and Biomedical Researcher. She helps individuals breakout beyond certificates and become a better version of themselves. She is also the director of Amara's Hub Concepts, an event management, content writing and capacity building service provider.

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